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Simply, The best natural yogurt on the planet

What does it taste like?

Sheep milk is noted for its incredibly clean flavor – Unlike goat milk, it has no funny aftertaste. In fact, if not warned, one would never guess this thick, ice cream like yogurt isn’t some new rich Greek style yogurt you never had before.

Is this sheep milk product a new thing?

There is nothing new to using sheep’s milk. Humans have been milking sheep and enjoying the benefits of their milk for thousands of years! Those 100+ year old mountain sheep herders didn’t get to live that long by eating hamburgers! They survived on sheep products.

What is the difference between Simply Sheep and Greek or Skyr yogurts?

One word; Machinery.

Cow milk Greek yogurt or Skyr require substantial industrial intervention to get thick. Factories use various draining systems, homogenized milk, high speed centrifuges, high pressure filtration, additives, fats and whatever it takes to make it thicker and richer.
No machines needed. Simply sheep is … Simply 100% natural sheep milk.

Other than taste and texture, what else is special?

The health benefits of consuming sheep milk products are well known;

Ounce for ounce, the superiority of sheep milk lies in the comparison with cow and goat milk – especially in the differences between levels of critical nutritional substances like protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, thiamin, riboflavin, Vitamins B6, B12, and D, the medium-chain amino acids, linoleic acids and all 10 of the essential amino acids.

To summarize what most nutritionists would tell you:

  • Higher vitamins.
  • Higher in medium- & short-chain fatty acids that the body needs.
  • Contains fat globules that are smaller and easier to digest.